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CLA This Week — 3/28/16

Upcoming Events

The 2016 Authors Lectures Each year OSU faculty publish a remarkable range of literary contributions. Publication of these books is an important dimension to faculty creativity that goes through a rigorous peer review process and is an important part of validating their work. This year, CLA authors Wayne Harrison and David Biespiel will deliver lectures and be honored alongside all Oregon State authors on April 6 and April 12, at 6 p.m., at Grass Roots Books in downtown Corvallis. For more information: http://leadership.oregonstate.edu/provost/awards-recognition/osu-authors-and-editors.

Arts and Science Convergences at Oregon State  Scientist and artists work and think in different ways, but the process of inquiry has many common dimensions as well. How do art-science convergences happen? Why are they important or useful? What are some future prospects for art-science convergences? In this presentation, Oregon State scientists and artists will give brief illustrations of their convergent work, and then engage in a conversation with the audience on the practice of these convergences. Thursday, April 7, 3-5 p.m., MU Journey Room:  http://calendar.oregonstate.edu/event/114293/


INTO OSU and the College of Liberal Arts is excited to offer a Zambia study abroad opportunity this August 2016 for OSU and INTO OSU students titled I-CCO Zambia: Inspiring Care & Community in Zambia. Participants will spend three weeks in Zambia working with a non-profit organization that provides education to orphans. The group will also get a chance to explore the Zambian countryside, meet its people, and visit some of its most spectacular sights! For more information email Sophie.Wilson@oregonstate.edu.

Current Research, Publications and Creative Activity

Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Associate Director of Research with CL@SE Daniel López-Cevallos recently presented the following paper: Dodge-Vera T, Brambila Y, Diaz G & López-Cevallos DF (March 11, 2016). Poder Comunitario: Engaging and Empowering Families through Leadership Development.  Oral session presented at the State English Learners Alliance Conference, Eugene, Oregon.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Joshua Weller is a coinvestigator on a grant recently funded by the National Center for Responsible Gaming. His project is on biological and behavioral characteristics of gambling disorder.  The goal of the study is to characterize the relation between stress physiology and reward/punishment sensitivity. The work will seed future research addressing our understanding and treating the gambling disorder by identifying targets for clinical interventions.

Art’s Anna Fidler was commissioned by the King County Library System to complete a piece for their new library in Renton, Washington. Her monumentally-scaled drawing ‘This is the Land of Sunset Whales’ (2015, acylic, gouache, pastel and colored pencil on paper) depicts a dream-like scene with Double Dutch jump ropers in a forest. The piece was hung yesterday (March 23) in the teen section of the library and will be a part of King County’s permanent collection of visual artworks.

Assistant Professor o History Christopher Nichols recently appeared on the OPB show Think Out Loud, during which he discussed the attacks on Brussels, President Obama’s trip to Cuba and broader dynamics of US-Cuba relations, the FBI-Apple iPhone stand off and civil liberties, and the presidential primaries and campaign: http://www.opb.org/radio/programs/thinkoutloud/segment/news-roundtable-march-24-2016-jackson-county-pot-rules-saffron-colonial/.

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