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CLA This Week — 8/10/15


Wednesday, August 12

The Methods and Philosophy of Peace Studies: Join OSU Peace Studies Director Joseph Orosco for a workshop on the methods, content, and philosophy of teaching peace. Memorial Union, Council Room, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Gaming in the Classroom:  Join World Peace Game Inventor John Hunter and other university and K-12 teachers for a workshop on innovative ways to use games as tools in the classroom. Memorial Union, Council Room. 10 – 11:30 a.m. 

World Peace and other Fourth-Grade Achievements: There will be a free showing of the documentary film “World Peace and other Fourth-Grade Achievements,” including a brief Q&A with World Peace Game Inventor John Hunter after the film. MU 206/Asian Pacific Room. 12 – 1:30 p.m.

Current Research, Publications and Creative Activity

Philosophy Professor Sharyn Clough’s latest article, “Fact/Value Holism, Feminist Philosophy, and Nazi Cancer Research,” has been published in the open access journal Feminist Philosophy Quarterly. The article is available at: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/fpq/vol1/iss1/7/.

Assistant Professor of History Christopher Nichols recently published a piece on the current election cycle titled “Beyond Trump — Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Opportunity,” in the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-mcknight-nichols/beyond-trumpforeign-polic_b_7929996.html.

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