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CLA this Week — 9/15/14


Wednesday, Sept. 17

CLA Day: Join us as we kick off the new academic year, meet new faculty and celebrate our 2014 CLA Awardees. 9:30-12, Withycombe Hall, New Lab Theatre & Main Stage.

Guns in the Constitution: The annual OSU Constitution Day event will focus on the issues surrounding gun ownership in the United States. CLA faculty Ben Mutschler, Rorie Spill Solberg, Bill Uzgalis and moderator Christopher McKnight Nichols will try to provide some perspective on the evolution of thought and firearm policy in the U.S. since the Constitution was drafted. Join the conversation at 2 p.m. in the Memorial Union: La Raza Room (208).


Associate professor of English Evan Gottlieb has just finished a 3-month fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. While there, he gave three talks related to his new book-in-progress, Romantic Realities: Speculative Realism and British Romanticism He also published two new pieces on the Huffington Post Books Blog,  including one on the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum.

On September 11, assistant professor of philosophy Stephanie Jenkins gave the inaugural lecture in the Current Research in Metaphysics Speaker Series at the University of Alberta. She presented a paper entitled “Healthier and Purer:  The Clinic as Biological Warfare” which examined disability through the lens of Foucault.

Assistant professor of history Christopher McKnight Nichols was the main guest on Oregon Public Broadcasting Think Out Loud program on September 11 to discuss President Barack Obama’s Wednesday speech, ISIS, and the historical dimensions of current US policy, internationalism, and interventionism.

Chris Chapman, Director of Bands, has recently been asked to serve as the Northwest Chair of the National Band Association. He will oversee NBA activities in Alaska, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and serve on the national NBA board. The NBA is a longstanding organization that has had in its membership and leadership corps some of the finest wind band conductors in the nation.

Current Research, Publications and Creative Activity

Dr. Dana Reason, director of popular Music Studies at OSU recently performed and recorded at the Guelph Jazz Festival at the University of Guelph, Canada and Montreal, Quebec. She was joined by distinguished musicians: Matt Bruebeck (U.S.); Dong-Won Kim (South Korea); Barre Phillips (France) and John Heward (Quebec) as well as one of Canada’s leading visual artists, Sylvia Safdie.



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