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CLA this Week — 7/28/14


Associate professor of anthropology Bryan Tilt recently participated in an interview for a Voice of America program called “China Focus.” The program, which focuses on China’s environmental crisis, is currently streaming from VOA’s website. The content from Tilt’s interview will appeared in the “Roundtable” section toward the end of the 30-minute broadcast for that week (July 25).

CLA this Week will not publish on Monday, August 9, and will resume publication on August 16.

Current Research, Publications and Creative Activity

Charlotte Headrick, professor of theatre arts, delivered a paper, “Changing Latitudes:  Teresa Deevy’s King of Spain’s Daughter in the United States,” for the international joint meeting of the American Conference for Irish Studies and the Canadian Association for Irish Studies in Dublin at University College Dublin in June, 2014.   The paper was based on the American premiere of the play, which she directed in December, 2013 and January, 2014 with Jo Alexander supervising the interpreting of the play in American Sign Language.

New media instructor Shawna Kelly recently published a paper in the journal “First Monday” on the potential of video games to help people understand and address global sustainability issues such as pollution, drought or climate change. According to Kelly, video games encourage creative and strategic thinking, which could help people make sense of complex problems.

Assistant professor of psychology Kathleen Bogart recently published a paper, Communicating without the face: Holistic perception of emotions of people with facial paralysis, in the journal “Basic and Applied Social Psychology.”

Shiao-ling Yu, associate professor of Chinese, presented a paper entitled, Chinese Heritage and European Adaptations: The Orphan of Zhao as Intercultural Theater, at the AAS-in Asia Conference in Singapore, 17-19 July, 2014. She also chaired the panel “Encountering the Modern and the West: the Transformation of the Traditional Chinese Theater across Time and Space.”

Economics professors Rolf Fare and Shawna Grosskopf were visiting scholars at Center for Resource and Environmental Economics in Umea, Sweden during May and June. There, they presented their work on Pricing non-marketed goods. They also gave a seminar at University of Lund, Sweden on June 11, 2014. This summer they also attended the 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference in Brisbane, Australia, where Fare and Grosskopf each gave a keynote address: Pricing Non-marketed Goods and Efficiency Models for Education, respectively. At the same conference the professors gave a workshop on joint production and externalities, and were coauthors on presented papers:  Valuing water quality tradeoffs at the farm level: an integrated approach and Weighted student funding and equity of outcomes:  A simulation using DEA.



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