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January 26th, 2015

CLA This Week — 1/26/15

Monday, Jan. 26
The Center for the Humanities lecture originally scheduled for today, Monday, January 26, has been rescheduled for April 13 at 4 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. […]


January 19th, 2015

CLA This Week — 1/19/15

Tuesday, Jan. 20
Je Suis Charlie?? Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, and Satire —  The deadly attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo and the murders at the Jewish […]


January 12th, 2015

CLA This Week — 1/12/15

Monday, Jan. 12
Radical Religion Reporting: How A Baptist Minister Launched America’s Largest Religion Website —  As the Executive Religion Editor at the Huffington Post, Paul […]


January 5th, 2015

CLA This Week — 1/5/15

Wednesday, Jan. 7
Spanish Women’s Legal History and Everyday Interpretations of Women’s Legal Status —  Marie Kelleher (CSULB) and Nicole von Germeten (OSU) will examine legal, […]